This program identity and immersive second-screen app experience for Danish Channel TV 2 Zulu asks users a very serious question: how far would you go for a friend?

So you get a call from your best friend: he needs your help, the task is risky, and it could definitely get you into trouble. What do you do?! You help him, of course. While hidden cameras film your every move and your friend (along with an entire home audience) watches it all unfold, live. This was the premise of TV 2 ZULU’s new program called Zulu BFF – Best Friends Forever, a live-action prank show that redefines the meaning of true friendship.

TV 2 tasked us with solving a specific problem: people watch a lot of TV today, but the viewing experience has changed. Friends aren’t getting together for big events anymore. And viewers are distracted by their devices - gaming, texting friends, etc.

So how do we create a viewing experience that re-engages our audience and forces friends to hang out in real life?

WWith all this in mind, we developed the BFF app, a second screen companion for the BFF show. The app syncs to the program to reveal extra footage, content, and games. Viewers sitting and watching the program together in the same room can see different content on each other’s screens. So the more friends, the more footage, the more fun.

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· Creative Direction
· Art Direction
· Concept Development