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Issuu is a leading digital publishing company, with 80+ million users and 16+ million publications. Their goal: become the default destination for online publications. Their target audience: all humans.

Whether you’re a parent, student, traveller, hipster, gearhead, fashionista, techie, foodie or spiritual health nut, somewhere out there is a publication just for you. In fact, Issuu says its target audience is ‘Humanity itself’. Woah. With a target group that large and diverse, how do you build a tool that is literally perfect for everyone?

To kick off the project, Issuu shared some jaw-dropping numbers with us about their existing publication platform: 85 million users turning over 6 billion (!!) page views monthly. 25,000 new publications added every single day, with growth from social projected to raise all these numbers exponentially. They needed an app for iOS that could keep up with their growing base of engaged users, and a fresh identity to attract new people to the brand.

The end goal: for Issuu to become synonymous with digital publications, like YouTube is with videos, and Spotify with streaming music.

For our UX and Design team the keywords were clean and simple. Let the content shine and encourage interaction. We created a stylishly modern digital reading tool, incorporating UI elements that encourage sharing, stacking, subscribing and discovery. Within two weeks of its release, the app was downloaded 100,000 times, well on its way to connecting more people to the content they crave.

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· Concept Development

“Since the launch of this new iOS app just two weeks ago, it has been downloaded 100,000 times, issuu says. Today, the app is #5 on the Top Free News apps list on iTunes – notably ahead of Flipboard (#6), The WSJ (#7), BuzzFeed (#8) and Yahoo.”

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