Every photo album starts with a memorable experience. To help Google hype up the features of their latest Google+ Photos product, we packed our bags, planned a road trip, and headed West to San Francisco to create some memories worth sharing.

Google+ Photos offers users plenty of cool features to bring their photos to life. Interactive timelines, panorama stitching, easy-to-use editing tools. Plus the obvious advantages that come with all things cloud, storage and syncing. Our challenge was to present these features in a way that seemed authentic and engaging. We decided the best way to show off photo-editing tools was to take the user into the experience that created that actual photos. 

In other words, stepping away from the computer, and heading out into the world to make some memories.

Together with a crew of Googler friends, we planned a 3-day shoot in and around San Francisco, starting in the city, rambling on the shores, crossing over the iconic Golden Gate, and ending up in the gorgeous surroundings of the Marin Headlands.

The site features small videos that tell the story of our trip in the context of the Google+ Photos features and toolset. Capturing a moment means going out and living those moments yourself, so the hope was that the site would not only educate users about the features, but get people inspired to get out and create some new memories themselves.

Credit & Info: www.hellomonday.com




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