Getting rock chic to
shine like black gold

Diesel Black Gold is the ultimate rock chic look for today's fashion pioneers. But a lot of people don’t recognize it as a freestanding brand. We created a refined home for the line to help its identity stand out.

For the high-end fashion label Diesel Black Gold, we helped create a cutting-edge take on a tricky genre: the digital look book. To design an interesting fashion look book site, you need to accomplish a few key things. The site should let users enjoy what they came for–the clothes and fashion photography–it should give people a good sense of the brand behind the clothes, and it should be an experience they will remember. 

So when Diesel asked us to design the site for Black Gold, we knew we needed to dig up a nice visual concept that would help us hit all of these marks. We found inspiration in both the existing visual identity–the big block that accompanies the logotype–and in the clothes themselves, which stood out for their varied use of materials and textures.

Visually we combined the identity block with these different textures to create the main element on the site: the always-centered navigation block. From this the sub navigation grows out in fluid animations - its persistence throughout the experience is a constant reminder of the Black Gold brand. 

Mix this together with a contrasting use of serif and sans serif fonts in various sizes, and the site has a character that is easily recognized. Plus, the simple and flexible nature of the design allows Diesel to update the navigational elements, fonts, and background colors to fit each new collection perfectly. Fashion and function, unite!

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· Concept Development
· Creative Direction