made light

Alectia is a engineering company that combines vast industry knowledge and sustainability expertise to give their clients innovative solutions to big problems. In this spirit of sustainability, we streamlined their content-heavy site into a fluid, scaleable experience that could show off what they do best and grow with the company.

ALECTIA is a knowledge-based company. That’s a non-bragging way of saying they really know what they’re doing. With 700 employees, a long number of applications and services within several areas of expertise, and a mission statement to “mastermind sustainability”, it’s easy to get caught up and inspired by their innovative approach to problem-solving. But how to make all this expertise feel approachable and digestible for users? On a corporate hub with many paths, it’s easy to get lost.

Presenting ALECTIA’s magnitude of services and content in a practical way, optimizing the user experience, and making a content heavy site feel light were our goals from the start. We wanted to present the user with what they are looking for, not what we thought we needed to show. Studying conventions for filtering, grouping, and tagging produced a model that allows the user to find relevant content by applying filters.

Creating the framework for a website that has the power to present an almost limitless amount of content combinations nearly caused us to short circuit, but we couldn’t be happier with the end result - a strong tool for both Alectia and their visitors.

Credit & Info: www.hellomonday.com



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