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For the launch of the H6 headphones from B&O PLAY, we worked with 6 inspiring creative ambassadors to portray the headphones as a luxury lifestyle item - a fashion accessory with premium sound.

About 6 months before the launch of the H6 we saw the prototype of what was going to be named Beoplay H6. H for headphones – and what a pair of headphones! Beautifully designed, beautifully crafted and with a beautifully-well-balanced sound. It's safe to say we fell in love at first sight.

Apart from talking about the quality of the craftsmanship and sound, a lot of the discussion in the strategy phase revolved around the target audience. Who would wear big headphones like these? And why they would wear them? 

We honed in on two main groups of people who’d be in the market for a headphone like the H6.

One group was the sound quality fanatics - the audiophiles who'd wear any-shaped device as long as they were getting top of the line sound. Another group would see headphones more as a fashion accessory, along the lines of hats, scarves and jewelry. These fashionistas wouldn't be caught dead in a boring, ugly, plastic pair. 

From our research we found that today a lot of young people fall into both of these target groups. So we set out to find a group of inspirational ambassadors - urban creative professionals - who could connect to our audience and be the faces of our campaign. Through photos, videos and interviews, we told their stories.



Produced at Hello Monday 2012


· Concept Development
· UX
· Art Direction 
· Creative Direction